So many photographers dream of shooting the Pirelli Calendar, but so few make it. German Photographer Peter Lindbergh shot the 2017 edition, and he’s probably someone we can all learn from. There must be a reason as to why he is working with all the big names in the cinema and modeling industry. For those like me, who love watching other photographers at work to learn, you must watch this hour-long behind the scenes video of his work for Pirelli.

While you probably won’t learn anything new about lighting here, it’s fascinating to hear what and how Lindbergh subjects felt in front of the camera as well as the contact they had with him. The way he shoots also struck me. He seems to take so many frames, apparently to catch the perfect moment and emotion. It felt strange, probably because I’ve been told by so many photographers not to spray and pray, but rather shoot one single picture.

What do you think? Is there anything you can take away from this video and implement in your work? Did it make you reflect on the way you connect with your models? Do you find the way he shoots is odd or does it make sense to you?